Tennis and Pickleball

The North Harbor Tennis Court is located next to the green space and overlooks the lake.  The tennis court includes lights, a backboard, scorecards, ball holder and a court-side trashcan. NHNA members in good standing may gain access to the court.  To receive the entry code, contact the Tennis Chair, Kevin Stine.  Contact info is available on the NHNA page.


Members may use the court by clicking the link provided on the NHNA Member Page to complete their reservation.  We ask that members only book for 2 hours at a time and 8 days in advance.  The tennis court is not included in Clubhouse reservation.


Court maintenance is performed weekly.  If players need squeegees or a blower, please contact the Tennis Chair.

Tennis and Pickleball Rules

  • Guests must be accompanied by a member.  No guest fee is required.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Reserved court times and tennis clinics override walk-on players. If the member does not appear within 20 minutes of sign-up time, the court will be considered open for walk-on.
  • Players must clean up tennis balls and turn off lights after play.
  • Please take care of the Pickleball net and stow it at the side of the court when you are done.
  • No pets, food, smoking, black soled shoes, bikes, scooters or skates on the court.